Monday, September 29, 2008

...Buggy Days 2008...



Pig Chase

The Piggy's for the Pig Chase

(Their resting up!)

Fixing to chase the piggy!

(Kevin, Ashlin, Sterlin)

~ Hayden Brooke ~

She walks, She finally walks!!!
Sept. 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here is a list of what the twins are up to now:

Alayna is taking 6-10 steps

Hayden can stand alone but isn't interested in taking steps!

Hayden plays pee-a-boo with Mommy and says peeboo

They both love to clap!

They both love to put stuff in their mouths that doesn't belong!

They both make silly sounds with their mouth - it's so funny!

They both can say:

Hey (and wave)
Bye Bye (and wave)
Ba Ba (bottle)

Hayden is the one that gets her feelings hurt really easy...

They both have a temper
(I wonder where they got that from?!?!?)

Hayden also likes to be held and cuddled more,
where Alayna she likes to cuddle but she is also too
much of a busy body to stay still for too long.

They are both Momma's girls, butthey have their
Daddy wrapped around their lil' fingers.

My favorite thing they do is when they are playing together and
they just start laughing so hard at one another.
It's just the most precious thing.
I know I'm leaving something out!



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Precious Twins 1st Birthday

Oh how we love the
lil' cakes that
Mommy makes....

Cantcha tell...

My Ashlin's Growing Up...

WoW what a week it has been and it's just gotten started! Ashlin started School, Kindergarden Friday Aug. 1st, And she came home very excited and telling me about her day. She made 2 friends Kaley & Kayla and the three of them got to take "something" to the Principle's Office and "something" to the lunch Lady in the cafeteria, She was very proud of herself! - She was also excited about the books they had read and the work that she had done.
Monday the 4th was her 2nd day of School - She took her lunch in her Hannah Montana lunch box, And she also rode the School bus for the first time. I anxiously waited for her to get home yesterday, And then I saw my big girl walk off the bus all smiles but without her bookbag, ooops! And she came in telling me all about her day, She was a good girl, (as she always is!) and got to get a treat out of the treasure chest which she said made her feel special.
Today (Tues. the 5th) - I got her off on the school bus and found her bookbag, Hopefully today she will NOT forget it!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friends & Fun

We recently spent the day at a Friends house with her set of faternal twins (boy & girl) Preston and Presley.
Although my two Hayden & Alayna play with them at church in the nursery, I don't get to stay in their with them often, So this was nice to see how they all enteracted with each other. They all played really well together.

Even our older two, My Kinley who is 2 and her little boy Sterlin who is 3 played really well together, They wore each other out that day. But they had alot of fun playing in the pool.